Scion Tungsten Emitter Air Ion Bar with Remote Control – IN1200


SCION IN1200 Series ESD Ion Bars With Tungsten Emitters

  • Provides uniform static elimination at high speeds.
  • AC Square Wave Technology ?? AC stability with DC control
  • Quickly and efficiently controls static in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and wide-area workstation applications.
  • It is a highly effective tool in electronics, plastics, chemicals, printing, textile, optical and other industries.
  • Available in 12in, 22in., 44in. or 64in. lengths.
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Product Description

The IN1200 Series ESD Ion Bars are uniquely designed for easy set up, low maintenance and optimal static elimination even in a high speed operation. The IN1200 quickly and efficiently controls static in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and wide-area workstation applications. It is a highly effective tool for controlling static charges in electronic assembly, pharmaceutical, plastics, medical device, optical and other industries.

  • Perfect for workstations and critical clean environments. The aerodynamic design minimizes disruption of laminar air flow. The pulsed dual DC ionizing technology produces high levels of air ions with excellent ion balance.
  • Local area coverage. When properly adjusted the working distance is 2″ to 80″ and discharge time of <2 seconds at 12″. It will create a cubic volume of dissipative air that will eliminate static charges on surfaces and particles in a sphere shaped area.
  • Adjustable performance. Adjust the pulse rate to very quick for close proximity applications of 2″ to 18″, or to a slower pulse cycle so that air ions have time to spread further before recombining. In this setting an effective distance as great as 80? can be achieved. Depending on the airflow this bar can be set up to cover over 20 square feet of area.
  • Built in monitoring. In the event of failure the bar will sound an audible alarm as well as a visual LED alarm display.
  • Plug and play set up. Cat-5 cable input from a 24 volt power supply. Two or more ion bars can be connected in series through the secondary RMS port.
  • Maximum ion generation and reduced tip damage with tungsten alloyed emitter tips. Produces good quality ion concentration and prevents emitter wear and particle accumulation.
  • LED indicator for visual adjustment and alarm light when the emitter tips need to be cleaned. Features 24/7 monitoring and self diagnosis for years of worry free, low maintenance operation.
  • Ultra high speed, sheath sensing ionizers. Reduced air flow for energy and cost savings.
  • Air input is optional. If connected to CDA or N2 the ion delivery is improved and the emitter tip corona is bathed in controlled air to keep it isolated from the ambient air. This greatly reduces the “fuzz ball” contamination deposits typical to corona ionizer emitter tips.
  • Typically used in the manufacture of medical devices, semiconductors, plastics, printing and optics. Available in 12 inch, 22 inch, 44 inch or 64 inch lengths.

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