EZ Mount – Staticmaster® 2U500 EZ Mount System – BF3


EZ Mount – Staticmaster® 2U500 EZ Mount System

Product Description

An indispensable accessory for mounting a 2U500 cartridge in the Balance Chamber. Simply remove the protective layer of the double-sided tape and affix the E-Z Mount to the back wall of the chamber. Once the mount is attached, replacing the 2U500 Ionizing Cartridge is fast and easy.

Often used with the AlphaBoost – AlphaAnalytical Pulse Plate to hold the ionizer source for easy replacement. Simply adhere the E-Z Mount in the enclosure, slide the 2U500 ion source into the E-Z Mount sleeve and attach the AlphAnalytical Pulse Plate to the outside wall.

Product Specifications

Weight 1 lbs