6″ Cleanroom Wrist Strap Extension w/ 4mm Snap – ASK-32895


6″ Cleanroom Wrist Strap Extension w/ 4mm Snap

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Product Description

6 inch Cleanroom wrist strap connecting cable with 4mm snap connection to wrist strap and female banana plug to grounding coil cord. This assembly is compatible with constant grounding monitor. 1 meg resistor built in for safety purposes.

The wrist strap and cord extension are to be worn prior to gowning. The extension will be accessible to plug into the grounding cord at the clean work area. This connection can be completed without pulling back the cleanroom garment sleeve/cuff and exposing the operator skin in the clean area. This design is compatible with a constant monitor to ensure operator is connected to ground at the work bench or other static safe area.

Product Specifications

Weight .1 lbs