StaticTek 9010 Series 3/4 Length Lapel Collar ESD Jacket with Snaps


  • MEDIUM-WEIGHT ESD JACKETS: Perfect for all working environments. Winter to summer and production shop to office. One jacket year round and in various places in your facility
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE & DURABLE ESD PRODUCT: Still groundable and with consistent dissipative electrical readings even after 100 washing cycles; comes with 3 pockets
  • LEVEL 3 ESD JACKET: Complies with the highest ESD S20.20 standards. Garment may be worn in any of the 3 ESD program category level areas to minimize the risk of electro static discharge
  • TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY: Reliable Panel-to-Panel Continuity. A high level of repeatability gives peace of mind to the overall quality of your ESD program.
  • GROUNDABLE ESD CLOTHING: With a low surface resistance of less than 10 to the 6 Ohms. This conductive jacket will provide the highest level of electro static protection.
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    Product Description

    A medium weight ESD jacket that is perfect for all working environments.

    StaticTek 9010 Series ESD Jackets provide high quality ESD protection at a great value! 9010 jackets are fabricated from medium weight 90% polyester and 10% carbon fabric for unmatched operator comfort. Features a snap front closure, wrist-adjustment snaps, three roomy patch pockets and lapel style collars. The 9010 Series garment maintains consistent continuity readings for up to 100 wash cycles. Available in blue, black, white, teal and maroon.

    Certified Level 3 ESD Jacket

    The 9010 Series ESD Jackets have been independently tested and proven to meet the requirements for all three ESD garment categories defined by ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 including the Groundable Static Control Garment System which is the most stringent of the garment resistance requirements. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD 4.1. Instead of using jackets that meet the compliance criteria for different areas, one jacket can be worn into various operations.

    Cleaning and Washing

    Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Add Detergent or Softener. Cool Tumble Dry or Hang.

    ESD Garments and Static Control

    ESD garments, often called ESD smocks, ESD lab coats or ESD jackets, are designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging and offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user’s body. ESD garments are worn wherever static damage is a concern. ESD garments are constructed of polyester or cotton impregnated with a grid of woven conductive fibers. The grid creates a “Faraday Cage” effect around the body of the operator which shields charges generated from the operators clothing from damaging ESD sensitive devices .

    Macro Shot of 9010 ESD Fabric
    Macro Shot of 9010 ESD Fabric
    Macro Shot of 9010 ESD Fabric
    Macro Shot of 9010 ESD Fabric
    Macro Shot of 9010 ESD Fabric

    Product Specifications

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