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PGT120 Combination Ground Tester

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  • Quickly and easily test ESD footwear and wrist straps
  • Can test ESD footwear hands-free by just stepping on the footplate
  • Audibly and visually signal a “Pass”, “High-Fail” or “Low-Fail”
  • Tests both feet simultaneously and independently to save time
  • Can be integrated with turnstiles and other barrier systems.
  • 100volt test circuit (by default) which is the same voltage used for qualification tests.

The personnel grounding tester is able to perform a quick and accurate control measurement of the ESD protection. The test results are indicated both with audible and visual signals. The PGT120 measures the left and right shoe separately.

The shoes can even be measured in a hands-free mode which means that the staff members are tested automatically when standing on the foot plate. PGT 120 can be connected to an automatic door opening system.

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