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1310 – Vinyl Surface Protection Low Adhesion Cleanroom Tape


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This Product is Typically Built to Order & Requires a 10 Day Lead Time.

UltraTape 1310 /0310 is designed to provide maximum protection to surfaces such as silicon, stainless steel, glass, aluminum, coated metal and plastics while allowing for easy clean removal. The 1310 product line is certified for cleanroom use. It is residue free, particulate free and low outgas material. Produced and packaged inside of a cleanroom - delivered in clean packaging to you. Single bag classic clean or double bag ultra clean for easy transport into your cleanroom.



Backing Vinyl
Adhesive Acrylic
Total Thickness 3.0 +/-0.5 mil
Adhesion to Steel 180 degree Peel 5.0 oz/inch min
Operating Temp 60 to 100° F
Elongation at Break 280%
Tensile Strength 14 lbs/in
Length 55 yds
Available Colors Tinted Blue

Part Numbers: 0310TB050-P5S, 0310TB075-P5S, 0310TB100-P5S, 0310TB150-P5S, 0310TB200-P5S, 0310TB300-P5S, 0310TB400-P5S, 1310TB050-P5D, 1310TB075-P5D, 1310TB100-P5D, 1310TB150-P5D, 1310TB200-P5D, 1310TB300-P5D, 1310TB400-P5D

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