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0425 – Vinyl Striped Clean Room Tape with Face Adhesive


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UltraTape 4425 is a glass marking/hazard warning tape specially created for glass flooring and tiles. 4425 was designed with adhesive on the print side so that it can be viewed under glass flooring.


UltraTape environmental health and safety tapes were designed to keep your employees and your workplace safe. Available in UltraClean where each roll is processed through our clean manufacturing process, individually inspected and individually wrapped in cleanroom polyethylene bags.

  • Striped Overlaminated Floor Marking tape designates OSHA critical areas in the cleanroom.
  • Solid Color Overlaminated Floor Marking tape to designate aisles and areas within the factory or warehouse.
  • Anti-Skid tape prevents slipping in wet areas.
  • Barrier Films available in UltraClean.
Backing Polyester Overlaminated on Vinyl
Adhesive Acrylic (adhesive on reverse side)
Total Thickness 11.0 +/-1.1 mil
Adhesion to Steel 180 degree Peel 70 oz/inch
Operating Temp -22 to +175° F
Elongation at Break 120%
Tensile Strength 20 lbs/inch
Length 36 yds
Available Colors Black/Yellow

Part Numbers: 0425BY100-P3S, 0425BY200-P3S, 4425BY100-P3D, 4425BY200-P3D

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